Making A Full Time Income From Home – It Is Possible!

make a full time income from homeMaybe you’re a single mom who is the sole support for your children.  Maybe your husband recently lost his good-paying job.  Maybe you’re a two-income family, but you feel as though you don’t get to spend enough time with your kids.  You might hate getting up early and commuting to a job you don’t enjoy.   You’re exhausted and feeling defeated most of the time.

Whatever your reasons are, you are looking to make more money.  More than that, you’d like to make that money from HOME using your computer and Internet connection.

Making money from home can seem like an impossible dream.  I used to think that way.  Luckily, I took action on that dream and proved that it IS possible (and not all that difficult, IF you are willing to put in the WORK and TAKE ACTION).

What if there was more to life than dragging yourself to work every day…spending money on gas and lunch…missing important family events…and being tired all of the time?


What if your typical weekday looked like this instead?

7 am:  Wake the kids and get them ready for school

8 am:  Drop the kids off at school

8:30 am:  Enjoy an hour work-out at the gym

9:45:  Shower and head out to meet a friend for breakfast

11:00:  Run a couple of errands or enjoy an hour of shopping (kid-free)

12:00: Head home and enjoy lunch or a snack while you check your email

12:30: Work online (create new products, write a blog post, promote on social media, engage with your clients)

2:45:  Head to school to pick up the kids

3:00 – 8:30:  FAMILY TIME

8:30: Bedtime for kiddos

9:00:  Time with your significant other (or some nice alone “me time”)

10:30:  Get some well deserved sleep or burn the midnight oil working on your business (and catch a nap tomorrow when the kids are at school)


Sounds like a dream come true, right?  Of course when you are first building your online business, you will need to spend a little more of your day working on it (you might have to delay your morning gym, friend, and shopping time for a bit until business takes off).  But the point is that this daily schedule doesn’t have to be a fantasy.  In order for it to work, you have to believe in it AND TAKE ACTION.

For me, the dream isn’t about mansions, private planes and yachts.  It is about having personal freedom, not being in debt, and never worrying about paying the bills.  It is about being able to take the kids to Disney World if you want to.  It is about not having to answer to a boss.  It is about remodeling your outdated bathroom into a beautiful spa retreat.  It is about paying off the mortgage early.  It is about paying for college.  What about you?  What are your dreams and goals?

There are many ways to make a great income online.  You can create your own information products using the knowledge you already have.  You can be an affiliate for other people’s products.  You can write Kindle books or create PLR content for others.  You can be a blogger on a subject you are passionate about.  You can create an online course on something you know how to do.

Whatever you decide, don’t limit yourself or listen to the negative voice inside your head.    Don’t listen if anyone tells you that it won’t work.

And remember, I’m here to help you!

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To your success!



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